How to get a pharmacy card without a prescription

How to apply for a pharmacy prescription card without one?I don’t have a card to prove that I’m the pharmacist, so I have to use this guide to help.The Irish Pharmacy Association has issued a guide to the process.It’s not a full-fledged pharmacy card but it’s still useful for people who want to fill a […]

What you need to know about Marine Pharmacy

The best and brightest in the industry have been on the hunt for the next big thing since the pharmaceuticals business took off in the 1980s.From the blockbuster drugs like Lipitor to the more mundane, more generic drugs like Botox, it’s become a battle royale of sorts between big pharmaceutical companies and small pharmacy owners.But […]

How to write a blog post without losing your mind

What you need to know about blog posts: 1.Your post is not a blog entry.Your posts are blog posts.They are not blog posts that you post on your website.2.Your blog posts are your personal opinion and are not published by the blog.They can be your own blog posts or they can be published by other […]

A pharmacy in New York City has been shut down due to a lack of space

A pharmacy that provides emergency medical care in New England has been forced to close after finding it unable to provide enough medications for its patients.The pharmacy in Brooklyn’s Witherspoon neighborhood, in addition to serving residents of the surrounding areas, was shut down on Wednesday morning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The Brooklyn Pharmacy […]

When you pay for a prescription online, do you get the best quality medicine?

The Pharmacy Benefits Association (PBA) is the industry’s leading consumer advocacy organisation and has been lobbying for the introduction of a Medicare-style prescription drug plan for some time.PBA is also one of the major sponsors of the annual “Pharmacy Benefits Week”, which sees its members deliver the message to policymakers about the benefits of prescription […]

Why do some pharmacies have fewer pharmacists?

Walmart pharmacy employees, who usually have less than 15 years of experience, have been on a hiring freeze since December 2017.Some say they are forced to take lower-paying jobs to cover the salary gap.In response, the chain has instituted a hiring bonus of $500,000 for every employee who retires before June 2018. One pharmacists union leader […]


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