‘This is a game changer’: Walmart opens new pharmacy in Chicago

A new Walmart pharmacy in the heart of Chicago’s financial district will be open by Thanksgiving.

Walmart is the latest retailer to open a new pharmacy after the retailer signed a deal to sell prescription drugs and medical equipment.

The store is located at 621 W. Michigan St. in Chicago’s Financial District.

It is the largest pharmacy in Illinois.

Wal-Mart said in a statement that it was thrilled to welcome its first pharmacy in its new location.

The retailer said the new pharmacy will be in a “cool, friendly, well-stocked” environment that “offers convenient access to our extensive pharmacy inventory.”

Walmart has opened two other stores in the area: a health food store and a pharmacy.

The stores are open Monday through Saturday.

The new pharmacy at the former Walmart on Michigan Street in Chicago, Ill.

is the biggest of its kind in the city, and the largest in the country. 

The location is a former warehouse and has a capacity of approximately 1,400 patients.

It will be staffed by four registered nurses.

The pharmacy is located in the same building as Walmart’s main pharmacy in Elgin, Ill., which opened in the spring of this year. 

Walmart announced its first two new pharmacy locations in Illinois in October and November.

The company said the Elgin store, which is a two-story building with a two,500-square-foot space, will have its first patients by Dec. 1, while the Chicago location will open in the first quarter of 2018.

WalMart said it will not open the Elgens new pharmacy on the same floor as the Elkin pharmacy, where the company plans to open several new stores in 2018.


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