A pharmacy in New York City has been shut down due to a lack of space

A pharmacy that provides emergency medical care in New England has been forced to close after finding it unable to provide enough medications for its patients.

The pharmacy in Brooklyn’s Witherspoon neighborhood, in addition to serving residents of the surrounding areas, was shut down on Wednesday morning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Brooklyn Pharmacy is one of many licensed and certified emergency medicine providers that operate in New Jersey and Connecticut.

In 2014, the FDA granted licenses for the Brooklyn Pharmacist’s license to provide emergency medical services.

In addition to providing emergency medical assistance to residents, the Brooklyn pharmacy is also certified by the New York State Board of Pharmacy as a licensed pharmacy and has a license to sell drugs.

“This pharmacy was not certified by a health authority in the state and therefore we cannot provide medical services for that purpose,” the pharmacy said in a statement.

The Brooklyn pharmacy closed Wednesday after receiving a request to shut down, according to the borough’s health department.

According to the New Jersey Office of Emergency Services, the borough received an emergency call from a resident who was unable to get to the pharmacy.

When the borough first called the Brooklyn Drug Store, the store responded and told the resident to come back the next day to check.

When the borough called the Witherscott Pharmacy on Wednesday, the pharmacy’s managers told the borough to shut the Brooklyn location down, the office said in an email.

The borough is considering the possibility of reopening the Brooklyn outlet at a future date, the health department said.

The Food and Drugs Administration does not comment on individual cases, but the agency said that it will continue to review the situation to determine what additional steps may be necessary.


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