‘We’ve got to find a way to make the drugs’: The Australian pharma industry is grappling with an unprecedented pandemic

Pharmacies in Australia are bracing for an unprecedented surge in prescriptions and the closure of pharmacies to save the industry from its first pandemic.

The pharmaceutical industry is bracing itself for an ‘unprecedented’ surge in demand in the wake of a coronavirus pandemic, with some pharmacists saying they are preparing for a new and ‘fierce’ battle against the new strain of the virus that has swept through the country.

Dr Peter Stokstad, a pharmacist in Melbourne, said he had no idea how many pharmacies would close and he feared patients would have to be transferred to other hospitals.

“The whole country’s going to be affected,” he said.

“There’s no way we can get enough staff to get our doors open, so I’m going to do everything in my power to keep my doors open.”

Mr Stokstad said the number of emergency departments across Australia was set to double within the next two weeks.

“That means I’m likely to have to turn off my doors,” he added.

“I have to do that every single day.”

We’re going to need a lot of staff to cope with that.

“Dr Michael Darragh, president of the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry Association, said the coronaviruses pandemic was “the biggest threat to the supply chain and we’re all facing that”.”

We’ve just been inundated with calls and emails from our members all over the country who have asked us to look into how we can continue to meet their needs,” he told news.com “We’ve had a great response from our member pharma companies and we know how important they are to our industry and they’re not going to stand by while we’re getting wiped out.

“The pandemic has also impacted on Australia’s wine industry, with vineyards affected by a spike in grapefruit shipments.ABC News’ Paul Martin reports.



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