How to be a better pharmacist

The sport bible has named the man who helped revive the brand-new Super 1 pharmacy as the best sports pharmacy trainer of all time.

The book is the culmination of Thomson’s quest to find a better way of working.

He is best known for helping revive the Super 1 Pharmacy chain, which opened in 2008.

Thomson says his experience working with Super 1 will live on for a long time.

“My goal was to give them the best pharmacy they could possibly have, and it is what they did,” he said.

“It was really about trying to find the right balance between the customer service and the professionalisation.”

Thomson’s work has not only changed the Super One brand, but the retail business in general.

He has helped revitalise the pharmacy business with the Super1 Pharmacy at the MCG, and helped make Super 1 a one-stop shop for all pharmacy needs.

“There was a sense of excitement about the future of pharmacy,” he explained.

“And there was a lot of excitement around Super 1 and its brand.

It is like a big-ticket sale.”

Super 1’s future hangs in the balance after the death of former CEO Tim O’Connor in 2014.

A succession of CEOs has replaced O’Conner, and Super 1’s chief executive Tim Thompson has stepped down.

Thomons father, Bill Thomson, is a sports trainer and an experienced athlete, and his son is the Super 2.

He says he is delighted to be able to help his father’s legacy.

“I think he has always had a very special love for pharmacy,” Thomson said.

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