What you need to know about the drug that may save your life

The drug that could save your dying friend’s life is not for sale in Australia.

But it is on the shelves of some of the country’s most prestigious pharmacies.

Its price tag: $2.5 million A drug that has saved more than 2,000 lives since its first clinical trials began in Australia last year is on sale in pharmacies across the country.

Dr Stephen Pimentel of Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital says the drug, which he believes can help save more than 600 lives a year, is available at some of his specialty pharmacies.

He is also working with drug companies to bring it to the country, but it is a highly unusual opportunity to sell such a powerful drug in Australia, he said.

“There’s a lot of people who are looking at this drug and it’s like ‘OK, I can do this,'” he said, adding the drug was on the market “for a very low price”.

“This drug was so promising, so powerful, so new to the Australian drug system, it’s such a rare opportunity to make that a reality.”

Pimentel said the drug’s price tag is $2,5 million.

It’s a “very rare opportunity” to make a drug available in Australia and there is a very high risk of it getting out of control Dr Pimentels co-founder and CEO of the drug company, Pharmarex, said his drug could save people’s lives, but the drug must be administered in a controlled environment.

He said that the company is already testing the drug in hospitals and in emergency departments, and is working with other pharmaceutical companies to make it available in pharmacies.

“We’re going to be delivering the drug at the end of 2018,” he said of the trial.

Piments trial will test the drug on patients with COPD, which is an incurable, progressive disease caused by the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels in the lungs and can lead to breathing problems.

The drug was developed to treat patients with COVID-19, which was first identified in the UK and Australia, and can be used to treat respiratory conditions, including COPD.

While Dr Piments trial is in early stages, he is confident that it will prove successful.

Patients can take up to 50mg of the new drug a day, and it is being tested on people who have COPD and have been diagnosed with other causes of death.

In a study published in The Lancet, Dr Pimental’s team reported that taking the drug twice a day for two weeks had a significant effect on reducing COVID infections in those who had previously received the drug.

This trial is expected to last two years, with more trials to follow.

If successful, Dr Gopal Bhandari, professor of medicine at the University of Sydney, said he believed the drug could also be used as a preventative treatment for COPD patients.

“The risk of this drug making it onto the shelves is very high,” Dr Bhandar said.

“It’s very difficult to predict how it will do that, but if it does, I think the cost savings are really great.”

Dr Bhander said the trial is still early in its development, and there are still some things to be done before the drug can be widely used.

“[But] I think it is definitely a very important discovery that we have now,” he told the ABC.

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