Doctors get a boost in pension fund from tax holiday

Medical device maker Humana has announced it will start paying its pensioners in the UK, in a move that may help save its UK staff.

The company, which has about 40,000 UK staff, said on Thursday that it will pay the pensioners £100 a month for the next two years, up from £70 a month now.

The change means that some of the UK’s biggest employers are expected to pay their employees’ pensions in full.

Humana employs around 3,000 people in the country, but most of its employees work in the United States.

The move comes after the UK government announced that it would phase out the national pension scheme by 2019, leaving workers to pay a flat rate of up to £26,000 a year.

The decision comes after a number of US companies have announced plans to increase their contributions to their pension plans from £100 to £150 a month.

UK doctors will also be able to benefit from the change.

It comes as doctors across the UK are expected have seen their pensions rise to around £70,000 next year, and the amount of money that employers are contributing to their employees is expected to increase as well.

Theresa May said that the change will make the UK a more attractive place for businesses to invest in their workforce.

It will also mean more people will be able start to save for their retirement, and more doctors will be paid more money.

The Government’s plans will help keep the NHS in the best shape possible by providing greater flexibility for employers and ensuring they have the resources they need to meet the challenges of the future.”


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