When the ‘Coburn’ of drugs is ready for prime time: CVS pharmacy

CVS specialty pharmacy has been waiting for the perfect prescription to come through its doors.

That’s where the company’s chief executive, Kenneth Frazier, wants it.

 “The next day, I will deliver an emergency medication from the company to the pharmacy,” Frazier told CNBC on Wednesday.

He added that if the patient needs it within 24 hours, the company will pay for the drug.

The pharmacy has a backlog of orders of all sorts of drugs and supplies, so it is likely that Frazier’s request will come soon.

It’s a big push for CVS to be able to offer such a fast delivery, and the company hopes to have it ready for Prime Day.

Frazier, who took over from Dr. Scott Gottlieb last month, took the reins of the pharmacy in October and the results have been promising.

On Tuesday, CVS reported a net profit of $2.9 billion.

Last week, the pharmacy posted a profit of about $1.6 billion.

The pharmacy will continue to be profitable through next year, but Frazier said his goal is to hit the $4 billion annual revenue mark.

This is the third time in three years that Frazier has pushed the company into the future.

Last year, he said the pharmacy was on track to hit $5 billion in sales this year.

In addition to being the biggest pharmacy in the country, CVC also has a lot of room to grow.

CVS announced last year that it was going to acquire the online pharmacy chain Rite Aid, which includes many of the same brands.

That move brought in more than $100 billion in revenue for the company.

Fraziers hopes to reach that goal, too.

“We have a lot more room to accelerate our growth in the coming years,” Frazier said.


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