An Australian pharmacy has taken the unusual step of opening a branch in the United States to help patients.

The Pharmacy at the New Frontier in Melbourne, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, opened its first branch in August, offering its services in all 50 states.

The pharmacy, which is part of the New South Wales-based Pharmacy Benefit Network (PBBN), has also partnered with the state’s Department of Health to deliver medication to people who are in Australia but cannot get prescriptions.

The Pharmacy’s owners have also worked with the department to provide assistance to people in Australia who are seeking medication overseas.

Its first customer was a woman in China who needed to get her prescription filled because she could not get to the US.

Her GP contacted the pharmacy and told the pharmacist that she could obtain a prescription from the US embassy in China and that she should call her local doctor to make an appointment to have her medication shipped to Australia.

The pharmacy also helped a patient in the US get an appointment with a specialist in her town who could fill her prescription and take her home.

A pharmacist from the Pharmacy, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Business Insider that they were already planning to expand their services to the United Kingdom.

“We have plans to open a branch there in the future and have been planning that,” he said.

“The next step would be to expand to the UK and expand to other countries.”

The pharmacy’s CEO, Dr Andrew Dix, told ABC News the pharmacy is not trying to be a competitor to pharmacy benefits, but to be able to provide the same service in the same way.

“This is a community pharmacy, we are all just trying to provide that same service to the Australian community,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Dr Dix said the pharmacy will offer a range of medications including a range that has not been available in Australia before, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

“For us, there is no competition and there is always a huge opportunity to innovate and to expand,” he explained.

He said there is a growing interest in the pharmacy, and in the idea of offering medicines to Australians overseas.

“What we are doing is offering a service to people overseas in the hope that that service will be more effective in those situations where they need to be treated by a specialist or by an international hospital,” he added.

“And so we are trying to find a way to do that.”

It is not a competition between ourselves, we just want to be there to provide our services to Australians in need.

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