New vibrators, cosmetics and cosmetics brands will offer free delivery in 2018

CVS and Rite Aid have announced they will offer customers free delivery of their brands on a nationwide basis starting in 2018.

The companies said that customers will be able to pick up a new vibrator or cosmetics product from their local CVS or Rite Aid store within the first two weeks of availability.

Rite Aid and CVS have long provided free delivery services, but customers can now order directly through their websites, and can opt to pay through the mail. 

“We’re excited to offer our customers the convenience and speed of free delivery to the convenience of their doorstep, and the convenience they can access for the cost of shipping,” said Kevin Stacey, senior vice president of retail operations for CVS Caremark.

“Customers can now pick up and order from their nearest CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens store without having to travel hundreds of miles.”CVS and Cointreau, which owns Rite Aid, will offer delivery to customers in most areas in the US.

They are also working with Walgarts and other retailers to provide free delivery within their stores.

The brands announced this week that they will also offer a discount on all orders of $50 or more when they are in stock.

Rite Antiques will offer a free delivery for $20 off any order over $100.

“Free delivery will help bring new customers into our stores and encourage the return of some customers to purchase more items,” said Steve O’Brien, vice president and general manager of Cointrack. 

The companies also announced a partnership with Target to offer free deliveries to Target members.

Target members can receive a free gift of any CVS product to be delivered to their home.


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