Pharmacies: New Zealand to introduce mandatory ‘prescription’ drug testing

New Zealand’s National Pharmacy Boards (NPB) has introduced a new policy which it says will “safeguard the health and safety of New Zealanders”.

The NPB said in a statement that it was following up with the Government to discuss the new policy, which it called a “significant and welcome step”.

“The policy will ensure New Zealands pharmacies will be able to ensure the safety of their drugs and our community, and it will allow us to continue to provide access to safe and effective medications,” the statement said.

The policy follows a call from the Pharmacy Owners Association for pharmacists to become licensed pharmacists in order to comply with the Psychoactive Substances Act.

“There is a lot of concern about the risks of pharmacists becoming a drug-trafficking organisation,” Mr Bynum said.

“There are a number of issues around whether or not pharmacists should be allowed to sell psychoactive substances and who they should be able sell them to.”

The NPBS will take a close look at this policy to ensure that it will not put people at risk.

“The policy comes as a growing number of pharmacies in New Zealand are under scrutiny following an increase in prescription drug overdoses.

In November, a pharmacist in Auckland was found to have sold the drug Nardil, which is also known as Valium.

More recently, a man in Auckland allegedly bought the drug Vicodin for $30,000 from a pharmacy in a suburban shopping centre and used it to overdose on a large quantity of pills.

Last week, a Pharmacy Owner Association representative was charged after allegedly giving a young woman heroin.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has pledged to work with the NPB to ensure drug tests are conducted on all pharmacy staff.

A spokesperson for the NPBs Health and Social Services said they had been working with the Health Ministry to create a system to monitor the prescribing and distribution of prescription drugs.

But Mr Blyum said the NPBS was not currently involved in drug testing, and the NPBG’s current policy is “not going to stop pharmacists from selling drugs”.

He said the Government should not be trying to “muddy the waters” by introducing a new system.

He described the drug policy as “a good step forward” but said he was not sure it was sufficient.”

It doesn’t address the big issues of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s just a policy that will protect pharmacists,” he said.”

I hope that other governments will take this approach.

I hope other governments take this policy as a step forward and introduce their own policies.

“Mr Blyums comments follow calls from the NPBA for the drug testing of pharmacist staff.


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