The ‘Midtown Pharmacy’ in New York City, New York: a sign of how the city is changing in the 21st century

In the last decade, New Yorkers have spent more time shopping online than at home, and the trend is likely to continue, as a growing number of retailers across the US and around the world open new stores, including online and in brick-and-mortar locations.

In New York, the Midtown Pharmacists Association (MPA) is the only pharmacy group with a permanent location in the city, located on the east side of Manhattan.

“In a way, this has been the catalyst that has driven the shift in the pharmacy landscape in New Jersey,” said Daniel Gershenfeld, president of the MPA.

“There has been an influx of retailing that has been happening in other places, and we’ve been in that space for a while, so we feel very comfortable in being in New Brunswick.”

The Midtown location is the first in the state, but its impact will be felt across the country as retailers open more locations in cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

“The retail industry is changing, and as we see more and more businesses opening, we’ve seen a trend of opening new stores and new locations,” said Gershedfeld.

“And it’s just a natural evolution.”

The MPA’s office in Midtown was once the busiest pharmacy in the area.

Now it’s the only one.

“When we first opened the MidTown Pharmacy in 2001, we had approximately 8,000 people inside, and now it’s about 8,500,” Gersh said.

The MidTown location is part of the city’s $1bn expansion to boost the citys retail economy.

“We’ve seen an increase in retail businesses over the past decade, and this is really the first step in creating a strong retail presence in the region, and that’s a positive step,” Galshedfeld said.

Gersh believes the MidAtlantic region is poised to take advantage of a new trend of more shopping in the digital age.

“As technology moves, we’re seeing more and it’s moving toward smaller businesses that are able to operate on a shoestring budget,” he said.

“So if you’re looking for a great, local, local retail experience, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to all of the services and services that are available to small businesses, which is really a critical piece.”

The online retailer Amazon announced a $3bn expansion in the US this week, including its new Amazon Prime Video store.

“It will be the biggest addition to Amazon Prime’s retail footprint outside of its US retail stores,” Amazon said in a statement.

Galshedfeld believes New Jersey is the perfect location for a second Midtown pharmacy.

“I feel like New Jersey has the best mix of small businesses that we’ve had in the past, and it also has the ability to be a great regional destination, which we’re all excited about,” he added.

“This location, this city, it’s very exciting to see.”

The New Jersey Department of Health says it has invested $1.6m to open the MidEast Pharmacy.

The department will spend an additional $1m to develop a new pharmacy and expand the current one, and will work with retailers to ensure that customers can access their medications, including prescription medicines, within 30 minutes of an appointment.

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