How to get a pharmacy card without a prescription

How to apply for a pharmacy prescription card without one?I don’t have a card to prove that I’m the pharmacist, so I have to use this guide to help.The Irish Pharmacy Association has issued a guide to the process.It’s not a full-fledged pharmacy card but it’s still useful for people who want to fill a […]

How to get the best possible deal at Walmart pharmacy

A new Walmart pharmacy may offer you more for the price, but the pharmacy may have you overcharged.According to an ABC News article, some of the more popular Walmart pharmacy discounts are being offered on certain items, such as diapers, and that may not be the case for you.ABC News: Walmart pharmacy deals are often […]

Why did I miss my doctor appointment?

A couple of days before my appointment, I went to a pharmacy.I’d never been to one before, and I’d only just started using my mobile phone.There was an old lady there, looking like she had a big smile on her face.She handed me my prescription for a brand of aspirin and told me to put […]

How to set up a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)

A number of health care providers have already opened their doors to PBMs.But they are still in the early stages, and the financial benefits to health care customers are still unclear.In the meantime, this article will help you set up an online pharmacy benefit Management (PBPM) to manage your finances.The article will walk you through […]

How to buy a drug in an emergency: An emergency pharmacy guide

By Jennifer B. Miller, senior pharmacy editorThe first thing you’ll notice when you walk into an emergency pharmacy is that the shelves are packed.And that’s just because you’re in an acute-care hospital.There are dozens of other types of emergency medical services scattered throughout hospitals, clinics, and outpatient clinics across the country.But if you’re an emergency […]


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